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Tamil Movie The Medallion Free Download

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a5c7b9f00b A Hong Kong detective suffers a fatal accident involving a mysterious medallion and is transformed into an immortal warrior with superhuman powers.
Eddie, an indomitable Hong Kong cop, is transformed into an immortal warrior with superhuman powers after a fatal accident involving a mysterious medallion. Eddie enlists the help of British Interpol agent Nicole to determine the secret of the medallion and face down the evil Snakehead who wants to use its magical powers for his own nefarious plans.
As a Jackie Chan fan, I am sorely disappointed. I watch his movie for the comedy and the kung-fu..not especially for the great dialog or plot twists. However, this movie ranks among the worst movies of all times. The karate was sub-par; acting was atrocious; and the cinematography was pathetic…but other than that, I liked it. If you want to break up with a date, take them to this movie… It will definitely give your relationship the kiss of death.
Please do not watch this movie, I&#39;m trying not to drown in the stupidity surrounding me as it is, and i can only assume, due to the stupid nature of this film, that films like this are to blame. Whilst only a fool watches a Jackie Chan film for it&#39;s gripping plot, even Jackie&#39;s slow-paced, low-risk stunts could not justify the tragic, (possibly) unscripted, (verging on) unrelated events that fill the void known as The Medallion. I think as a rule, never include a red-faced over fifty year old Asian man dancing to the beach boys while cooking in your movie. And possibly contract an effects studio rather than your slightly autistic fourteen year old nephew to do all your special effects.<br/><br/>Perhaps the intention was a piece of post-modern art, where assorted scenes are taken from bad 1980s action films starring bad 1980s action actors. If indeed this is this is the case, then I completely retract my prior comments, as Jackie&#39;s subtle and witty observations hit the nail right on the head.
One of the Peking Opera-trained superstar's most mediocre films, rivaling last year&#146;s God-awful "The Tuxedo" for sheer messy filmmaking and brazen acts of tedium… Abysmal.
The working title of the film was &quot;Highbinders&quot;. In the original plot of the film, those who were given power by the medallion became a Highbinder. Snakehead&#39;s original goal in the film was to create an army of Highbinders to join in his crime organization.<br/><br/>According to the commentary by the editors, &quot;The Medallion&quot; was not American-made, although Columbia-TriStar bought the distribution and editing rights worldwide except in Japan, France, and Hong Kong (but these three countries retain the American cut of the film, the only cut ever made). The original cut was meant to be around 108 minutes, and the plot of the film explained Snakehead&#39;s crime organization of human smuggling, and the deaths that occurred from it, as well as his desire to create an army of Highbinders to aide his crime organization. All of this, however, was cut to center on the medallion.
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